Friday, 21 March 2014

Senyuman... Unique facts about smile

Smile is a universal facial expression of happiness. Some smile include contraction of the muscle the end of eye and some smile with dimple which genetically inherited and are dominant trait .We as human are very unique as we born with smile as our natural ability. Scientist believe that all babies are born with the ability as  newborns can smile in their deep sleep and even blind babies smile. 

1st fact is smiles is more attractive than make-up.
The research, carried out by Orbit Complete® for its Healthy Smile campaign. It is a tested photographic case studies of women on over 1,000 people across the UK. Each woman was photographed twice, once wearing usual make-up and not smiling and once without make-up and smiling, and interestingly, both men (66%) and women (73%) believe a smile makes you more attractive than make-up. Apart of that, in the study also they survey the words that associate to describe woman with smile. As a positive expectation 2 words that highly voted in which is approachable and fun. So by  wearing a smile also makes us to look approachable and fun. It is an advantage to get a new friends, to socialize with new colleagues and even make a business deal . So the beauty choice of the future is free by just wearing our own smile we have to  believe that we are naturally attractive and approachable.

2nd fact is smiling is the most effective investment you can make in your career.
Smiles make a person seem more attractive, sociable, and confident and people who are smile are more, more likely to get promotion.  The interesting insight about smiling was mention in 2011 Business Insider article with the title “ If You Look Like This, Your Pay Check Will Be Higher Than Average”.  One of the character that refer to Look Like This is smiling. The article referred to many studies on physical appearance and the likelihood of being hired or promoted.  A study by Rick Wilson from Rice University, the finding shows that subject ranked people who were smiling as more trustworthy than people with straight faces.  And clearly that trust is a quality that most leader need to have. So in future career let us our smile one of weapon to success because if you are not using your smile you are like a man with a million dollar in bank but no checkbook.

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